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Ha Thanh Špetlíková

Ha Than Špetlíková
Considering my background, Chinese medicine is no mystery to me. Because I live in the Czech Republic, though, I’ve become a bit rusty as I’m surrounded by the ubiquitous Western medicine just like everyone else. 
In Asia, using tinctures and mushrooms is quite common. Every time I went to Vietnam, I had to bring loads of healing roots, mushrooms, cockchafer shells, dried dragon leeches, and other bizarre things back to my mum and aunties. 
Thanks to globalisation and the recent availability of Chinese medicine in the Czech Republic, my suitcase is now much lighter.
Lately, I’ve noticed an interesting trend in Asia where pharmaceutical lobbyists became more active. People there are now under the impression that Western medicine is some universal be all and end all. They even think that pills made in Asia are inferior to those from Europe or America. That’s why they greatly appreciate gifts in the form of original Western “medicine” and nutritional supplements. 
Meanwhile, people here in the West are slowly coming back to the conclusion that chemical medicine is not some miracle after all which can treat every single thing on Earth, and are slowly rediscovering natural methods of treatment. 
Personally speaking, I’d suffered from weakened immunity, chronic infections, and mycoses for 10 years. I was taking antibiotics up to 5 times a year, getting rid of the symptoms for a while but eventually having to deal with the same problems over and over again. This kept happening until I became angry one day, and finally understood this wasn’t the way, then I went back to traditional, effective Chinese medicine. 
I started with a general cleanse of my whole organism, and then strengthened my immunity with mushrooms (Cordyceps sinensis). It turned out that good immunity was the key and the very thing which made my issues disappear. Flu started avoiding me like the plague, even in winter. I heartily recommend including medicinal mushrooms and tinctures into your everyday lifestyle. Personall, I’m using them occasionally, though on a long-term basis, and whenever I enter a difficult period in my life, all it takes to become virtually invincible is upping the dose. 
In my view, people often complain about their health simply because they like to complain and don’t actually want to get better. Those who really wish to recover find the way on their own. 
I wish all of you strong mental and physical health. 
All the best 
Ha Than Špetlíková

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